Jerry Seinfeld, Gandalf the Grey, and Speaking

Apparently, the number one fear that people have is of speaking in public (I try to shy away from labeling it as “public speaking” because to me that makes the concept stand out as some “thing” as opposed to just “speaking in a public setting” or however you like- this could simply be semantics but if it helps you then go for it!) which is of course ridiculous.  Really?  More terrifying than death?  So, to quote Jerry Seinfeld, “to the average person, if you have to go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket then doing the eulogy.”  And it sounds crazy but I’m sure most of us have felt that way at least once before in our lives.  I know I have.  In high school I decided to join Forensics (not Criminal Investigation or science but a sort of public speaking team) in which I came to enjoy performing humorous pieces of literature for competition.  I won’t say it eradicated an notion of fear- or the jitters- in me as I still am highly prone to dry mouth but I realized that speaking in front of other people is okay, it does not lead to death, and- as Gandalf reminds us- “that is an encouraging thought.”  I’m looking forward to enjoying your presentations next week.  Cheers!



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